Guess what happens when you don’t login to your WordPress installation in 4 (yes, FOUR!) months? It gets hax0red by super elite people and then babies and cute puppies all over the world cry soul burning tears. How do I know this? From experience, of course!

*cue baby and puppy soul burning tearful cries*

Soooo.. I’m back up and running, obviously. I’m pulling my hair out and my eyes are bloodshot, OBVIOUSLY. Trying to get back into this blogging thing. Because remember how I wrote a lot about my first kid? Then the second was born and I did the stereotypical thing of NOT WRITING ABOUT HER. Bad mom, BAD. So the second kid is doing great.. She’s 9 months old now, crazy. I’ll write about them later though. Right now I want to talk about how my webhost is a total douche bag.

I went to login to WordPress and it wouldn’t work. I did “Forgot password” and waited. I got the email, telling me my username was “sex” and I could click the link to reset my password. WAIT, WHAT?! Sex?!??? I’m pretty darn sure that is NOT what my username was. I knew I had been targeted right then and there. I e-mailed my webhost, hoping they could help me revert what happened or give me some insight. This is the CLASSY and VERY MUCH NOT ENGLISH reply that I received:

Well, most common reason behind hacking site is unsecure ftp password or old website software script. If you would have kept unsecure password someone could easily get into your account and hack website. Apart from this any sort of malware that could have inserted into your website while connecting to ftp. Your best bet to stop it in future is that keep secure password, keep any software that you have installed onto your website. If you do have a backup you can restore it however you can order our restore from a backup feature from your customer manager it would cost $50 USD one time.

Sooo.. that was fun to read, no? I was pretty much on my own and with my amazingly smart husband beside me, keeping me calm and helping me through the process, we fixed it and got it back up and running. I pay hardly anything for my webhosting every month, so I can’t really complain. When it comes to webhosting and many other things in life, you really do get what you pay for.

Well, I’ll write about my kids later. For now I am going to bed because I just spent my entire evening trying to fix my broken WordPress installation. Stoopid.

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Tongue Tied No More!

This morning we took Zoey to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist to look at her tongue. He didn’t have to look at it long to determine that she had a tongue tie. He explained the procedure to us and told us if we got it done before she was 3 months old it would be a simple in-office procedure. If we waited, it would have to be done in the operating room.

We opted to get it done today so they took her into another room to do the procedure. I think she was gone for less than 5 minutes. It was a very quick procedure! She came back to us sleeping soundly. However, that didn’t last long. By time we checked out and got to the car, she was inconsolable. Not screaming at the top of her lungs, just crying as if she was uncomfortable. We tried to console her as much as possible in the car and I even fed her a little but finally decided to just go home. On the way home, I held the paci in her mouth and she finally started to suck on it and dozed right off.

She hasn’t been AS fussy today as she was yesterday after her vaccinations but she has been more fussy than usual. She has been sleeping on and off and eating small amounts. She hasn’t had any more oozing or bleeding since right after the procedure so I’m happy about that. Today I saw her tongue come out to her lips, for the first time ever!! I started laughing and cheering and saying how happy I was to finally see her tongue and she got a little startled by all of my excitement and started crying. Haha.. Oops!

So earlier today I was changing her diaper in her room and my dogs started going crazy. They were barking REALLY loudly and I could hear people’s voices that sounded like they were coming from my front porch! But no one had ever knocked or rang the door bell. I finished up the diaper change and walked into the kitchen and I could hear the voices loudly and I could hear my outside water faucet going! I peeked out the window and I could see a man bent down in my front garden area.

By time I got to the front door and opened it, they were standing at the car that was parked in front of my house on the street. I stood there and they finally saw me and turned around. The guy said “Hello” and I replied “What is going on?” and he pointed to a little boy with a cup and said “The boy needed some water” and then followed up with “I just delivered your new phone book” and pointed to my front porch. I looked down and saw it, grabbed it and went back in. First of all, I don’t mind if your kid needs water and you need to use my water. But why not KNOCK and ask first?? You don’t just go to people’s houses and use their water! I have to actually PAY for that water. There is a freakin’ 7-11 right across the street from my neighborhood! Buy your kid some REAL water! I was sooo annoyed. Why scare someone like that? In my personal opinion, if you don’t ask for something like that and just take it, it IS stealing.

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No offense but… Seriously?

Groups to pray for lower prices at gas stations
Jul 28 03:41 PM US/Eastern

Divine Intervention?: Church Prays at the Pump for Lower Gas Prices

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Two prayer services will be held at St. Louis gas stations to thank God for lower fuel prices and to ask that they continue to drop. Darrell Alexander, Midwest co-chair of the Pray at the Pump movement, says prayer gatherings will be held Monday afternoon and evening at a Mobil station west of downtown St. Louis.

Participants say they plan to buy gas, pray and then sing “We Shall Overcome” with a new verse, “We’ll have lower gas prices.”

An activist from the Washington D.C. area, Rocky Twyman, started the effort, saying if politicians couldn’t lower gas prices, it was time to ask God to intervene.

The group thinks the prayer is helping, saying prices are starting to fall below $4 a gallon.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Article found here. Are you freakin’ serious??? I’m not really religious but I always thought you were supposed to pray to God to help you get through tough times and help give people strength to overcome things. I think it would be different if these people are praying to God, in their CHURCH, not at a GAS STATION to ask for the strength to overcome a difficult financial time. I had no idea that we could ask God for things as if he was Santa Claus. Cause I’ve been wanting a laptop and Gene really needs a new car…

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Hit and Run

Today I pulled into the driveway and as I was walking towards the front door, I noticed something laying out in the street in front of Gene’s car. The closer I got, I realized that it looked strangely like the yellow covering that goes over your turn signals on your vehicle. I started to panic and walked much faster and when I got to the road I realized what had happened. Of course, at this point I’m hoping that maybe someone just lost the cover of their car as they were driving by but I knew that was preposterous. So I turned to go around the other side of the car and this is what I find:

Hit & Run

The only word to describe my thoughts is: PISSED. I started checking all the crevices of the car to see where THE NOTE IS. You know what I’m talkin’ about here.. The NOTE THAT YOU LEAVE WHEN YOU HIT SOMEONES CAR BAD ENOUGH TO CAUSE THIS KIND OF DAMAGE. The one that NICE people with COMMON COURTESY would leave. Does GOOD CITIZEN ring any bells here?

So we have no note. No nothing. We called insurance. Since Gene’s car is on it’s 857th life, we can’t really do much. We called the police and they came out to look at it. They asked the lady across the street if she knew anything and then when her husband got home she told him that she thought we suspected it was them. So he rang our doorbell to tell us they didn’t hit us. I tried to explain to him that we in no way suspected them at all. I mean, they are seriously like The Nicest People Ever in The Universe.

Why do these people do stupid stuff like this? They had to have been backing out or driving fast enough to cause METAL TO CHANGE FORM. This does not happen EASILY. You can’t bend metal by backing out of a driveway at 5 miles per hour or less. I am still really enraged. Trying to calm down here! And boy I’ll tell ya, it is not easy to have faith in the human race and people these days in general when stuff like this happens. How do you trust anyone anymore? I honestly just don’t know.

This is the kind of crap we have to deal with as we grow up. Growing up stinks, sometimes!

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Googling something I never imagined I’d have to…

How to remove Super Glue from skin.

It’s crazy, I know. My hands are burning and there are small patches of super glue stuck to random parts of both of my hands. It’s miserable! not only that, but it is annoying that everytime I bend a finger or my skin wrinkles, it feels crinkly and weird. Annoying! I used fingernail polish remove like it said to, but I think I might have the acetone-free fingernail polish remover, which defeats the purpose. Oh but I did get some on a cut on one of my fingers and… Ow?

Got a few things done this evening:

  • Christmas decorations put away… Check!
  • Dishes Done… Check!
  • Ate Dinner… Check!
  • Super Gluse all over hands… Check!
  • Fingernail Polish Remover in an open wound… Check!
  • Yelled at atleast one dog… Check!
  • Poked a sexy asian boy… Check!

Created a new category on my blog. It’s WTPM? Which stands for “What The Phantom Menace?” which is a Family Guy reference, which is in turn a Star Wars reference. All my FamGuy fans out there know what’s up, yo :]

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