I may be a convert…

I wish I had a laptop. I can’t seem to find time to go into the computer room, sit down at my desktop and type up an entry. Ugh.

Since I have the greatest hubby known to man, I may be getting a Macbook Pro sometime soon. One of the new ones. Mmmm, sexy :) He knows it will help me out a lot to have a laptop whenever we have the baby than have to rely on making time to go sit down at my desktop every time I need to use the computer. See, isn’t he a thoughtful guy?

I’ll admit, I’m a windows user. A “PC User” as they call it. Though I hate that terminology. I’ve used Windows since I was a wee one (about 8 years old). I’m a little gun shy when it comes to Macs but I don’t doubt my ability to learn quickly. Hubby is an “IT” type guy at his job and so he does have to help people out with their Macs occasionally. He is the one who has brought me on to this idea of getting a Macbook. Now I’m all gung-ho and want my Macbook right now! See? I’m already referring to it as MY Macbook.

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Feeling SO much better

After those AWESOME antibiotics and lots of rest, I am finally feeling better. No more sinus pain, my eyes are clearing up. They’re still tinged with pink a little but they aren’t bothering me anymore. I’ve woken up the last couple of days with a little bit of crust around my eyes but nothing that is causing them to stick together or anything.

Now.. back to regular life. You know, cleaning, doing dishes, cooking, etc. May even go out on a limb and break out the DSLR again. It’s been so long since I used it. The only problem is that it is DARK outside when I get off work at 5 PM. I hate that!

Btw, can I put my Christmas decor up yet? The inside stuff, at least?

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Sinus Infection: The Story of My Life

So I went to the doctor yesterday morning and got the official diagnosis of Sinus Infection. The two words I’ve grown to loathe over the last few months. It seems as if the excess drainage caused by the excessive blood flow which was in turn caused by this pregnancy is really trying to kick my already-tired butt! I can’t shake this sinus infection. It’s been on and off since the beginning of October and boy am I tired of it.

Doc said the reason my eyes were matting shut and oozing gross stuff is because my sinus infection is probably draining into my eyes. The thought of that alone sent shivers down my spine and caused my gag reflex to act up. I would much rather just call it Pink Eye and be done with it. Afterall, my favorite color IS pink, heh.

So I got antibiotics to take, 3 days worth. It’s a 500MG Zithromax that is hopefully going to kick this Mother Of Sinus Infections out of my system. I was also given a TEENSY WEENSY $60 bottle of antibiotic eyedrops to put in my eyes but remember what I said about having a hubby that likes to research things excessively? Wait, did I not mention that? Ok well he is VERY anal retentive and will research something until his eyeballs fall out of his head to make sure we are either getting the best deal or the safest or the healthiest product ever, but he researched this drug and it appears to be a Class C drug. Which is sort of a no-no in the pregnancy world.

Wow that was a disgustingly long run-on sentence. Moving on now… So today was a much better day than yesterday though I still awoke with my eyes matted shut, just not nearly as awful as yesterday. I haven’t used the eyedrops yet and I plan to wait another day or so before I give in and use them. My eyes are still both a little pink and feel tired/stingy throughout the day.

Someday this sinus infection will be GONE! GONE! GONE!!

The good news is that my Sister-in-law had her baby on November 9th, a beautiful healthy 7lb 10oz baby boy, Gavin Andrew Tristan (yes, two middle names!). I’m so happy for them. They live far away in Colorado but we are planning a trip up there in a few weeks to visit them and see the baby. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna get to hold a baby in a few weeks. Yaaaaaaay!!

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Pink Eye or… ?

I PROMISE I will resume real blogging tomorrow.

Last night it felt as if an eyelash was in my eye. I itched and rubbed it a bit. Rinsed my eye and put some eyedrops in. Eyedrops that I keep in my purse that normally cure ANY kind of eye allergy problems I have within’ MINUTES. Felt SO much better, went to bed.

Woke up this morning to my left eye completely matted shut with goop and crust. It was absolutely DISGUSTING. I had to wipe my eye down before I could even get the darn thing open. My eye has been bloodshot RED for the entire day and hasn’t gotten any better. I have NEVER had this happen before.

So tomorrow I’m going to see if its any better when I wake up in the mornings. I got some baby shampoo tonight (gonna need it eventually, anyway, hee hee) and I’m gonna dilute some with water and use a q-tip to wash around the outside of my eye (Gene found this tip online).

Wish me luck!! And I promise, photos and REAL blogging coming soon. This kind of crap WOULD happen right at the beginning of NaBloPoMo wouldn’t it? Darn the luck.

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Friday Five!

I feel like such a loser because the only time I ever seem to do Friday Fives is when I am doing a blogging marathon of some sort. Oops. Either way, I heart you Friday 5, I really do!

1. What usually marks the middle of your day? I’d say 1 PM, about an hour after my lunch break.

2. From whom (or to whom) was your most recent middle-of-the-night phone call? No one? I used to get them all of the time when the place I work at was a 24 hour operation and I was always on call.

3. On what social, political, economic, or moral issue are you in the middle of the road? Abortion, I guess. I understand when it necessary if someone’s life is in danger, it is a situation of rape or whatever. But I hate the fact that so many irresponsible people in this world use it as a form of birth control. I really have a hard time and I can’t really decide whether I am pro choice or pro life. I totally believe in Women’s Rights but I also understand that some people abuse their rights ;D

4. How likely are you to give someone your middle finger? Not often. I tend to get steamy and yell in my car if someone cuts me off and I FORGET to flip them off. I’ve jokingly flipped the hubby off before.. But one time he licked my finger when I did it and it grossed me out LOL We’re dorks, shut up.

5. When were you last caught in the middle of a disagreement that really had nothing to do with you? I am in them ALL of the time at work. There are coworkers who don’t really care for each other and I tend to be in the middle of it since I am friends with both of them. Otherwise I’m never really caught in the middle of conflict. I try to stay away from drama. I hate it! Which is probably why I have very few friends, hah. I LOVE my sometimes boring life ;D

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Meal Planning… Like a REAL wife!

So I’ve finally, after many many years, got my stuff together and am starting to plan our meals. Right now I started simple and just typed up meal ideas in a Microsoft Word calendar and put it on the fridge. I’m hoping in the future to get more detailed in my lists, including lunch & maybe even breakfast. But I have to start small when it comes to something so monumental like this. So here is my menu for the month of November:

Nov-3: Goulosh (SP?)
Nov-4: Chicken, Broccoli, Rice & Cheese Casserole
Nov-5: Boca Burgers & steamed veggies
Nov-6: Leftover night!
Nov-7: Lean Cuisine Pizza

Nov-10: Chicken & Rice crockpot meal
Nov-11: Tator Tot Casserole
Nov-12: Turkey Chili & Cornbread
Nov-13: Leftover night!
Nov-14: Lean Cuisine Pizza

Nov-17: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
Nov-18: BBQ Polish Sausages w/Mac ‘n Cheese
Nov-19: Lasagna
Nov-20: Leftover night!
Nov-21: Lean Cuisine Pizza

Nov-24: BLT Sandwiches
Nov-25: Meatloaf & Sauteed onions & potatoes
Nov-26: Baked Potato Soup

So, I tried my best not to use the same meal more than once in the entire month. It was hard because I tend to stick to easy stuff that I KNOW how to make. I hate that I’m like that, but sometimes I get overwhelmed. Plus, it is a LOT cheaper to cook things that I have ingredients on hand for. The goulosh we had for supper was yumtastic. I made Fiber One Apple Cinnamon muffins (A double batch) for dessert and for our breakfasts for the next couple weeks.

So do you meal plan? If so, got any meals to recommend?

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