Craptastic day!

It hasn’t been a WONDERFUL day. We’ve been in all day and my emotions have been a little on the wild side today. I’ve broken down into tears on two different occasions today, two things that I shouldn’t be crying over. Stupid, stupid things. I think I’m coming to the end of the road on this crazy PMS and I’ll be SO thankful when it is over! I hate when I feel so vulnerable like this, it just isn’t me.

We cleaned house today and  I’ve done a little bit of laundry. There is a fire in the fireplace right now and I just got finished addressing about 2/3 of my Christmas cards. I take that back, I got finished writing them. I used our handy dandy printer to print the addresses / return addresses from a spreadsheet I have so that was easy as pie. However, I am writing something different in each one, to make them a little more personable. This year we aren’t sending out the fancy schmancy photo cards like we did last year so I figured I should at least write in each one instead of just signing our names. Needless to say, my hand is cramped up right now. Gonna have to finish the other half tomorrow night or while I am laying in bed tonight.

So when are the tv stations going to start playing the Christmas shows? Rudolph! Frosty! A Christmas Story! C’mon!! You know what my all-time favorite is?? It’s Santa Claus The Movie.  I’ve never mentioned this movie to anyone in my life and they’ve known what I was talking about. Sometimes I think I am the only person who has ever seen this movie!! It is pretty old, from 1985. Anyone else seen it???

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The Jungle Book

This evening I spent a good 2 or more hours wrapping almost all of the Christmas gifts we’ve purchased so far. I should say that we spent a good 2 hours doing this because Gene was a super sweetheart and helped wrap some gifts. My legs were falling asleep from sitting on the floor for so long!

So right now we have The Jungle Book on in the living room. I took a break from the movie to come write before it was too late. We bought the DVD from Best Buy a few weeks ago when we ran in to get some gifts. It was a splurge but it is one of my favorite Disney movies! Gene wants to boycott Disney because they play so many movie trailers on the DVD and also because of the whole “Vault” shananigans that they got goin’ on.. I told him we could boycott them after I own all of the classic Disney movies on DVD. Until then, we’re stuck.

Anyway I am going to crawl into bed now. I need to try to get some decent sleep. Today I could not drag myself out of bed. I didn’t get out of bed until after 7 and then I took a shower. I have no idea how I got to work by 8!

P.S. Did anyone else ever notice that the voice of Kaa (the Snake) in The Jungle Book is the same guy who does the voice of Winnie The Pooh? Had a total Wow! moment tonight while watching when I realized this. And I don’t know if anyone is really aware of this but I absolutely ADORE Winnie The Pooh. It’s my all-time favorite Disney Character. Actually, I love the entire cast of Winnie The Pooh. There is most definitely a tie beween Pooh & Eeyore. When I have kids? Their room is going to be Pooh-Overload.

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Movie Reviews: Superbad & Balls Of Fury

We saw 2 movies this weekend. It is seriously the most we’ve been to the theatre in a really long time. We recently discovered that if you go to the theatre on Fri, Sat, or Sun and Holidays in the AM, you can get a ticket for $4. Not bad compared to the $8.75 it is to normally get in. So we saw Balls of Fury on Sunday morning and Superbad this morning.

Balls of Fury was pretty funny. It wasn’t as hilarious as I was expecting it to be but it definitely had its moments. And I guess the story line was pretty good so maybe thats why there wasn’t all of that stupid, side-splitting hilarity. However, Superbad was a totally stupid storyline and I laughed my ass off throughout most of it.  The storyline in Superbad was your typical teenage trying-to-get-laid deal. It was sooo stupid but it seemed like every 10-15 minutes there was some new unexpected event occuring that was just too hilarious for words. If you have a somewhat vulgar, perverted sense of humor.. I totally recommend it.

Anyway that was the real excitement of my weekend. Gene and I “started” on taping off our guest bathroom to paint. I took everything out of there. It is a tiny bathroom with a tub/shower but I have been pretty lazy about getting the painting project started. My guest bathroom is a Palm Tree theme therefore I am painting the walls green. I’m hoping it turns out to be an “earthy” green color. I ended up buying cheap paint at Walmart so it’s not QUITE as earthy as the sample I picked out at Home Depot, but it was about 1/2 the price of the one at Home Depot. I’m really excited because it is my first time to paint. I am going to work on changing the light fixtures and hardware (towel bar, toilet paper holder, etc.) in that bathroom too. It is going to be our first official “remodel” of the house. We’re not doing any MAJOR updates in there. It already has a tile floor and the sink, toilet and tub/tile seems to be in pretty good condition. Some paint and a few minor updates ought to do the trick. I’ll take before/after pics.

Time for bed.. Need to get some rest before I go back to work tomorrow. It ought to be a CRAZY day to get back. Three day weekends are nice but we always end up paying for them when we get back :(

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Movie Review & Tea

Tonight Gene and I went to watch Howl’s Moving Castle at the Japanese Club’s movie night at UCO. It was a really awesome movie. It seems to be one of those movies that has a lot of huh? parts.. but at the same time, you’d want to watch it over and over again to figure them all out. I loved the animation and the story line itself. Very charming and very enchanting. We watched the Japanese version with English subtitles. The funny thing is that I think Gene saw this movie in the theatres with Layla and we actually own it on DVD, yet I had not seen it until tonight. Oh well, great movie and I’ll probably have to watch it sometime again! I would totally recommend it if you like animated films.

On another note, my darn knee is sore! Someone please chop it off :( I am tired of it aching. It comes and goes, but sometimes the aches kind of “pulse” like a heart beat and its annoying and sucks. Wah wah. Therapy today was 2 1/2 hours… Thought these suckers were supposed to get shorter?? Lame.

So uh.. I am gonna go sip on my gigantuan cup of Sugar Free Red Diamond (sweetened w/Splenda) tea :) I was craving a cherry/coke icey and Gene ran into 3 different gas stations for me and to no avail :( I said forget it, I was clearly not meant to have an icey tonight, let’s go home! So we did and he poured me this cup of tea and I’ve never been happier. And as lame as it sounds, I really just want to crawl into bed and sleep. I’ve felt pretty drained since I got home from Therapy this evening.

A VERY GIGANTIC P.S. My Threadless tees came in the mail today.. Well, my first order. I don’t think I mentioned it but I did end up getting this one as a second order because it wasn’t released until about 3 days after we placed our first order.. And hello? It’s freakin’ sweet! I can’t wait to wear my shirts! Hmm.. I think I wanna go watch Family Guy now…

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Birthdays & a Movie Review

I feel so awul because yesterday was Maggie’s (Gene’s younger sister) birthday and I didn’t even write a post to say Happy Birthday to her! So here it is.. Happy Birthday to Maggie! I hope she got our package and I hope she liked the gift. We both love her and wish we lived closer so that we could spend more time with her.

Today is Layla (my little sister) and Malinda’s Birthdays!! So Happy Birthday to them. We are all gonna go eat tonight at Shogun (Japanese Steakhouse / Hibachi Grill). I’m really excited to go and see my sister and Malinda and hang out with everyone.. and of course to also eat at Shogun.. because, hello, YUM! :D

Not much else. Yesterday Gene and I went on a picnic at the park and then went to see the movie Babel. I can’t really say much about the movie. The movie itself seemed pretty good  but whoever filmed the movie did a HORRIBLE job. I’m sure they made the camera’s shakey and zoomed in 90% of the time for a reason but it was too much for Gene and I. We were both motion sick afterwards. Also doesn’t help that we were in the dollar theatre and had to sit really close to the front. Either way, I’d say it was a good movie.. Take some ginger root and go see it!

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Movie Review: Reno 911

We went and saw Reno 911: Miami last night. Pretty hilarious! If you don’t like the show Reno 911, I wouldn’t go see it. Hah. But if you do like the show, definitely go see it! Some pretty hilarious and outrageous stuff in there. I can’t even really write a full on review about it because it was just a goofy, hilarious and down right crazy ass movie! Loved it.

And while I’m on the topic of movies, I just want to say that I cannot wait until Aqua Teen Hunger Force comes out at the theatres! And guess what?? It comes out on Friday, April 13th… MY BIRTHDAY! Woohoo. They showed the preview for it at the theatre last night and I got sooo excited. It looks awesome. I may have to actually TRY to catch it on that day. I’m taking April 6th and April 13th off of work this year. Both Gene and I’s birthdays.. Both on Fridays! Yay for long weekends :) And also… I really hope that Futurama The Movie comes out in theatres when it is released! I don’t know if anyone realized it yet but I :heart: Cartoon Network!

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