It’s a GIRL!

I have so much I need to do this evening and I know I’m not going to get enough time to type up a whole entry about our Level II ultrasound yesterday or about what has been going on and stuff so I figured I’d give a quick note here to say that we found out we are having a GIRL! We are both so ecstatic.

Tonight I have a HUGE list of things to do and I don’t think I’m going to have much time to get on here and post anything. These are the things I really need to accomplish:

  • Laundry!
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Scan Ultrasound photos and order Christmas cards online
  • Pick up Kitchen as much as possible
  • Upgrade WordPress!
  • Play with my BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW MACBOOK PRO! Yes, I finally got it yesterday. It’s beautiful.
  • Upload photos to Flickr
  • Take photos of all of our baby loot that we have so far
  • Spend time with my doggies and my husband

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I may be a convert…

I wish I had a laptop. I can’t seem to find time to go into the computer room, sit down at my desktop and type up an entry. Ugh.

Since I have the greatest hubby known to man, I may be getting a Macbook Pro sometime soon. One of the new ones. Mmmm, sexy :) He knows it will help me out a lot to have a laptop whenever we have the baby than have to rely on making time to go sit down at my desktop every time I need to use the computer. See, isn’t he a thoughtful guy?

I’ll admit, I’m a windows user. A “PC User” as they call it. Though I hate that terminology. I’ve used Windows since I was a wee one (about 8 years old). I’m a little gun shy when it comes to Macs but I don’t doubt my ability to learn quickly. Hubby is an “IT” type guy at his job and so he does have to help people out with their Macs occasionally. He is the one who has brought me on to this idea of getting a Macbook. Now I’m all gung-ho and want my Macbook right now! See? I’m already referring to it as MY Macbook.

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Laptop? Anyone? Hello?

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I would post a lot more and comment more on people’s blogs if I had a laptop. I know that seems like a silly reason to get a laptop but it is true. If I had a laptop I could sit on the couch and multi task. I could watch things off of my DVR like Late Night w/Conan, Family Guy, Big Love and Ninja Warrior. But no, I have to choose between the couch/tv and the computer room. It’s really unfair and not right in any way.

But my next “big” purchase is going to be a DSLR, no questions asked. So I guess you just have to do what you have to do :( I feel like a spoiled brat for wanting to cry and whine about not having a laptop and only having a desktop pc.

Oh and if anyone out there has a few hundred bucks layin’ around and would like to make one single person VERY happy in the world.. just know that I really, REALLY want a PINK laptop. I don’t care about the brand. I just want it to be pink and I want it to be functional. That’s not asking for much, right?

Ugh.. Going to go back to watching Conan episodes and eating peanut butter cookies with Cookies ‘n Cream hershey kisses in the middle.

I’m going to attempt to be crafty this weekend. So… Maybe I’ll have pictures or posts about that. No promises.

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Mother Nature is pissed!

The storms just keep rolling in. I don’t even really know how many more we are going to get but we are forecasted through Saturday for stormy weather. At my job I communicate with people in New York on a regular basis and the other day one of the ladies was e-mailing me about our weather. She said she could never imagine living in this part of the country and that going through this kind of weather has to be terrifying. But I almost think the exact same of their 100 inches of snow and blizzards. You adapt.


I love this darn thing! I just signed up for it today and I can already tell I am going to become quickly addicted to it. And of course, I googled it to find out if some genius out there has created a WordPress plug-in for it and Voila! So, what are you waiting for?? Go sign up and be sure to add me to your twitter friends. You can find me here :)

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You won’t find any hair plugs here

Tonight I don’t have anything amazing to report on but I do have a few plugs I’d like to tell everyone about. Mostly just websites or products that I’ve tried and loved.

Your Scene Sucks – I can’t even put this website into words. It’s hilarious and I actually laughed out loud several times. If you’re familiar with the music scene at all and the new types of music / fashion that come along with it, you’ll totally appreciate this website. My favorite is the “Prehistoric Emo” :D

CetaphilCetaphil – The best darn facial cleanser I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried a few different cleansers because I have extremely oily skin and this one has been the most effective so far. I used the variety that is for oily skin but from what I read on-line, the normal skin cleanser is just as great. I’ve tried Nutrogena, Dove and other brands of facial cleanser and I always break out really bad within’ a week of using it. So far I have not broken out at all with this product and my face actually feels softer and cleaner. It looks like it is clearing up very well, too! One thing that I really like about this cleanser is that it has a soft clean soap-like scent to it. Nothing over powering and nothing that is going to burn your eyeballs out of your skull :) It doesn’t leave my face feeling “tight” like many other facial cleansers. Try this out if you want a good face wash! It just goes to show that great things sometime come in ugly packages ;)

The Incense WarehouseIcense Warehouse – I usually order my incense from here :) I absolutely love incense and this website has a GREAT variety. It is all categorized by country of origin and very easy to browse. Now I totally know what you’re thinking, how can you buy incense on-line if you can’t give it the sniff test? Well, I say just go for it! I ordered the Green Tea, Bamboo and a set of cones. I also ordered an Incense holder because I didn’t realize that 2 of the packages I ordered COME with incense holders! The Green Tea one came with a tiny ceramic square (that was beautifully painted) with a hole in it (an incense stick holder) and the cone package I got came with a small ceramic bowl for those. Anyway, I just wanted to say how awesome this website is! I got quit a bit of incense for $25. They have flat rate shipping that is $4.95 for orders under $50. I wish I could burn incense with me everywhere I go. I just love the stuff.

Flickr Bento Box Pool – And last but certainly not least, my all time most favorite photo pool ever :) I could seriously spend hours looking through this photo pool without even thinking about looking away. I admire everyones creativity and aspire to someday make my own great bento box. For anyone that doesn’t know, a bento box is basically a Japanese lunch box.

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The Glorious Shower

I guess I should mention that I added the Meebo Widget over there. I mean it’s pretty obvious but I thought I would explain for anyone that has not heard of the awesome thing that is Meebo. Meebo is this on-line chat service type thing :P You can log in to your AIM, Gmail, Yahoo or MSN accounts (or all FOUR at the same time!) through your web browser, from anywhere you want (even work!). They now have Widgets you can add to your site so that people from your site can chat with you when you’re logged in. You’ll see me on-line a lot more during the weekdays when I am at work :) Chat me up!

Next, I took my shower.. FINALLY. Last night I took my first shower in just over 3 weeks and it was glorious. As soon as the water hit me and started to soak me, I wanted to cry! It felt SO good. Della asked me if I finally got rid of my stink (jokingly, of course) and I told her I would need about 3 whole showers to get rid of that funk ;) Hah. But seriously, I FEEL a tons better. I may not be back to normal. I may still have to wear this bulky leg brace that literally smashes into my girlcrotch but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be smelly anymore!

I can’t believe I am up this early again. I already have a load of laundry in the washer and I did all of the dishes and unloaded the dishwasher. I think I’m gonna go start frying up some Turkey Bacon. We need to eat it before it goes bad :) I wish I had English Muffins to go with it, though :( I would run to the store but I don’t think I have the energy to go… plus I don’t like to go by myself because I’m afraid I’m going to fall and hurt my knee. I don’t know if I mentioned this yet or not but I have acquired some tasty paranoia since my injury. A lot of it is restraining me from doing a lot of my Physical Torture exercises but I am working hard on trying to get passed that. If you felt the pain I did when I first injured my knee, you too would be just as paranoid! I promise…

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Goodbye Dear Insert Key

I got the stitches out but I can’t take a shower until Saturday morning :( Or so she said.. I am so taking a shower Friday night! I also have to shower with my back facing the shower head as to not let water hit directly onto the knee. Lame!! I just want to take a bath and SOAK. Why can’t I soak??? Gees. As if this hasn’t been enough torture as it is, but let’s not let the poor girl shower for 4 weeks. I wouldn’t be so bitchy if I was casted on survivor and this was happening. I mean, then at least I would be getting PAID to not shower for 4 weeks.

I do get to take the ugly white panty hose off, so that’s good. Tonight I am going to attempt to shave both of my legs so that I am not a hairy gorilla walking around everywhere anymore. Therapy was okay this evening but it took over 2 hours again. I got my new keyboard and mouse (cordless, Logitech brand) and they are both SOOO freakin’ sweet! The mouse is a laser mouse and it is smoothe. The keyboard?? It’s a quiet keyboard and types OH SO BEAUTIFULLY! So I can now denounce my Dell keyboard… I hate you Dell keyboards!!!! Now I just have to get used to the ass backwards placement of the Delete, Home and Enter keys. Hey… where’s the useless insert key? Sweet… someone FINALLY got smart! You know how many times I’ve accidentally hit that key and screwed everything up??

That’s all. Emma is still limping pretty badly. Guess I am going to take her to the Vet sometime in early April when my Therapy appointments are only 2 times per week. Going to shell over a bunch of money for a Vet to tell me she has torn an ACL and needs surgery or that she has a bone and joint disease. Either way, it’s gonna be pricey and not going to be good news. Right now we are supplementing all kinds of nzymes into their diet. We started both dogs on Eagle Pack dog food and their flatulence has completely GONE. I am SOLD. No more dog farts!!

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