Homemade Playdough

I finally did something I have always looked forward to doing as a mother… A homemade craft! Last week when I did our grocery shopping, I picked up the ingredients for Homemade Playdough. I decided that Zoey was finally at the age where she would enjoy playing with the stuff, afterall she has never seen / touched Playdough in her life.

Now, I pretty much followed the recipe to a T on the link above. I made 8 batches, since I had 8 different tubes of food coloring. To make the process quicker, I went ahead and measured out the dry ingredients into small cups ahead of time. 8 of them. It took a while but it made the actual cooking go by a LOT quicker.

Making 8 batches of homemade play dough :)

The only thing I would recommend about doing this, especially if it is the first time you try making your own Playdough, cook it long enough before removing it from the pan! How do you know when it has been long enough? When it is no longer STICKY! And is getting tough. The blue was the first one out of the pan for me and I had to put it back in the pan and heat it back up when I was done with all the other colors. I learned my lesson! Whenever I would knead the blue, it would leave blue dough on my hands… Which basically means it is NOT done. It was also a LOT softer than the other colors. After eating it up again, it thickened and became perfect!

Hubby is working on blue

I stored individual colors in plastic baggies and put all of those in an airtight plastic container. It’s a LOT of dough, so I only give Zoey a few small balls at a time, to avoid her mixing all of the colors together since she is still young.


I feel SO proud that I actually did a homemade craft. I am a CRAZY AWESOME crafter IN MY HEAD, which never translates well to real life. But I imagine doing all of these amazing crafty, learny, homemadey things, they just never come to fruition.

Gene made a Dino, she keeps saying "look a triceratops! Good job daddy!"

“Good job Daddy! Wow! A triceratops!” (It was not a triceratops, it was a t-rex)

Well, I AM A CHANGED WOMAN. Times have changed and I’m moving on up in the craft world. SO WATCH OUT, PINTEREST, I’M ON TO YOU!

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