The allergies are miserable right now

I can’t seem to get my asthma under control. It seems like I’ll go one day without any attacks and start to feel confident that it is over and then the next day I have asthma attacks periodically throughout the day. Kind of sucks! I just want it to be under control :( I am so tired of having to take my rescue inhaler. If I take one too many puffs on accident, I end up hyperventilating and it just makes me feel tired and miserable. I need to get back into the doctor’s office but I hate to go back. Just going to have to go back to the pharmacy and get more expensive medicines that I can’t really afford right now!

Gene and I are taking some kind of Zinc throat lozenges that we got at Walmart. They’re cherry flavored and quite tasty. None of that menthol crap! :) Gene has been fighting the beginning stages of a cold for at least a week now. The runny nose, sore throat and cough are really getting annoying for him. Poor guy :| So we got some more medicine at Walmart the other night as well as these throat drops. They apparently shorten the length of the common cold by up to 50%. So maybe it’ll prevent us from even getting sick. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Today I had a filling in the upper left corner of my mouth. Next Thursday I go in for 2 more fillings in the left side of my mouth and I’m done until the new year starts! After the new year I will go in to get the crown for my root canal and I hope I’m done with the dentist until I go back for my 6 month cleaning. Gene had a few fillings this morning and we met with the oral surgeon about his wisdom tooth extractions. He ended up having to re-schedule those for after the first of the year because he is already at his max. for his insurance. My poor boy has never been in surgery or under anesthesia so we’ll see how his first experience goes :love:

Anyway, time to get off this here compoota! Still need to take a shower and pick things up around here. Or I may just take my inhaler and rest for the night. I hate this wheezing and constant feeling of congestion and stuff in my throat. I know I’m not sick. I know it is just due to the allergies around here. The wind has been blowing so much lately that everyone is having allergy problems. Even people who never had allergies in the first place!

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3 thoughts on “The allergies are miserable right now

  1. Hey… my husband has problems with his asthma… he finally was referred to a pulmonologist to get his asthma undercontrol. From what I read it sounds like yours is not under control – he’s been on some new meds and its made a world of difference in his quality of life. If possible maybe seeing an asthma specialist would help.

    I agree – awesome pictures of the dogs under the tree. I need to get mine up – perhaps I’ll get them to pose under the tree too.

    :) CKM

  2. I hope you get your asthma under control and feel better soon. It sure is a pain going to the Dr’s isn’t it? No pun intended! lol! I hope Gene feels better soon too and good luck at the dentist next week!

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