PetsMart just gained 3 brownie points

Just thought I would update on Astro’s crate situation. finally had the crate in stock so I purchased it immediately (there is a 10% off coupon that is good through October 1st – Coupon Code: DISCTEN). Anyway, so I got the crate and have been hoping that it really was in stock and not a big to-do.

Anyway, so the crate was shipped today! Thank goodness. That has to be the best news ever. And I am taking up a new form of scrapbooking that I, myself invented. I’m going to cut things out of magazines and do a little collaging type thing but I’m going to use scrapbook materials and kind of implement the scrapbooking idea into my collages but not going to actually make scrapbooks. Yeah… We’ll see how it turns out! Hah.

Anyway, I gotta get in bed soon. I gotta work in the morning and I was wanting to go play with my new toys before bed. Hope everyone is doing well! And I really hope My Pammie is doing okay!! She recently lost her step father to lung cancer :( Everyone send well wishes to her!

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One thought on “PetsMart just gained 3 brownie points

  1. Yay, you got the crate! That is so awesome especially since Astro is getting so big. Pretty soon he’ll be smooshing Emma in that crate now.

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